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Product Questions

What are the different UniCerts products are available?

At the moment only eEngine products are available:

What document format are used for Q&A and Study Guides products?
Q&As and Study Guides documents are provided in the UniCerts eEngine (New Format).

What type of Testing Engines are used by UniCerts?

  • Interactive Testing Engine. This is a Testing Engine that is downloaded, installed, and used on your local PC. It is going to replace all Online Testing. Compared to Online Testing this Testing Engine is much more advanced and has many more features.

Questions and Answers with Explanations
What does your Q&A with explanations entail?
Our Q&A with explanations contains simulated exam questions with the most accurate answers. Each answer is thoroughly explained, including the incorrect answers. With our Q&A you should be able to pass the certification exam at your first attempt. More information can be found on our products page.

Do all your Q&A include explanations?
No. Our goal is to provide explanations to all our Q&A. There are still some Q&A without explanations.

How can I detect if a product has explanations or not before I make the purchase?
At the products page check if it is a Q&A with explanations or a Q&A.

Can I pass an exam with UniCerts Q&A only?
Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend that you use one extra source, such as the UniCerts StudyGuide, to provide the theoretical background and the practical hands-on experience. The Online Testing Engine is also recommended.

Study Guides
What exactly is in your StudyGuides?
All of our StudyGuides are designed to ensure that you have the required knowledge to pass the exams on the first attempt. They consist of detailed explanations of the concepts that are tested in the exam as well as a labs section where you can learn the practical implementation of concepts. More information can be found on our products page.

What are the system requirements to use the UniCerts products?
At the moment there are two requirements:

  1. You need a Windows operating system
  2. You need have the right to install a program in Windows
  3. Your computer must be able to access the Internet
  4. You need to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
We are planning to provide our products for Mac and Linux operating systems in the future, but at the moment Windows is a requirement.


Are your updates free?
Free updates are available for 90 dates after the purchase.

Are there products that have more than 90 days of free updates?
There are 1 year bundles. Contact for more information.

Is it possible to extend the update period of an expired product?
no, because the low price of UniCerts.

How often are your products updated?
Our products are reviewed and updated on a continuous basis. The certification vendors often change the skills being tested in the exams, so we frequently change our study guides to accurately reflect the current exams.

How do I know that there has been an update?
There are several ways:
  • Date of latest release can also be found on the products page.
In general, you should always check for a new update 3-4 days before you plan to take the exam.

How do I receive my updates?
For eEngine products just start use the product.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on login
  3. Enter e-mail and password
  4. You see a list of purchased products.
  5. Click the appropriate product, for example Microsoft 070-215.
  6. Now download the product.

There has been an update but when I download I still got the old version. What should I do?
The old version is probably cached at your computer. You could try to restart Internet Explorer, restart the computer or clear the local web cache. To clear the local web cache open Internet Explorer, choose Tools menu then Internet Options command, and finally click the "Delete files" button.


Which types of bundles do UniCerts offer?
UniCerts do not sold product in bunldes, if you buy more then 10 products, you can give an e-mail to, we will give you 20% discount or give you another three products free.


Your products sound interesting, but I'd like to try before I buy. Do you have any demos?
Yes we do. On our samples page you will find examples of our Practice exams. There are samples of two exams from all the certificates we cover. Further requests for samples can be provided. Please, e-mail and state which sample you would like to receive.


What is the quality of the UniCerts products?
Our goal is the have at least 95% exam coverage and at least 95% accuracy.

How is the quality of the UniCerts products achieved?
UniCerts experts, ?ncluding MCSEs, MCDBAs, MCTs, CCNPs, CCIEs, etc. verify the answers and provide explanations. Especially providing explanations increases the accuracy of the answers. We also receive customer feedback on our products. So, we constantly have to review our products. This guarantees a high quality.

I think I have found an incorrect answer in one of your products/I don?t understand one of questions/One of the questions seems incorrect. What should I do?
Feedback on specific questions should be send to You should state
  1. Exam number and version.
  2. Page Number
  3. Question number.
  4. Login ID.
We will answer your feedback promptly.